Abilities Los Angeles

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abilities-outdootLast week CCA had the honor of sponsoring, presenting and hosting at the Los Angeles Abilities Expo, held at the Convention Center. With a total of over 7,000 guests, it was a busy weekend for us, even as the hours were constrained by the Super Bowl on Sunday. We got an amazing response all weekend, and we’re not just saying that because Los Angeles is home!

Our presentation on Friday filled the 100-person workshop area to capacity, with many people parked in the back of the space. We were so happy to be able to direct so many patients to good medicinal options, as many of them were not even using cannabis medicine at this time.


We were so thankful for the help of Sailene and Olivia from Cult Creative for helping us with the Q&A portion of our presentation as well as managing the crowds of people at our booth. Hearing Sailene tell her story of using cannabis medicine was very moving and relatable to the audience.


We had a steady stream of patients at our booth through the weekend, with an emphasis on Autism spectrum disorders & epilepsy, spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, cystic fibrosis, and ALS. It was inspiring to hear so many individuals, especially veterans, talking about getting off multiple pharmaceutical drugs and even educating their doctors about cannabis medicine.


We’re really looking forward to the Bay Area Abilities Expo in November to be able to speak about the obstacles facing access for patients right before the general election. It’s important to remind medical patients to protect their rights to medical access.